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Below is the dyno graph showing the result of fitting our DPChip tuning computer to a Toyota Prado 120 series CRD. The red line shows standard power and the blue line shows the massive improvement once we have fitted the DPChip. Power and torque are greatly increased right throughout the rev range. The acceleration is greatly improved and the owner of this particular vehicle commented that he was able to accelerate much more quickly at all speeds. In his words: ” The vehicle feels like a new car! Much more powerful! It’s incredible really.”


Below you can see the results from adding our DPChip to a Hyundai Getz. More dyno graphs are available on the DPChip website.


Below are the results of fitting our DPChip tuning module to a BMW X5. The DPChip is a simple plug and play installation. We can fit this for you at our workshop and included in every DPChip fitting is a free basic dyno runs package where we give you before and after results such as these shown here.


Below is the result of fitting our DPChip to a Ford Focus 2.0. The horsepower improves from standard of 98hp and goes up to 125hp with the chip.


Below are the results of fitting our DPChip tuning computer to a Mitsubishi Montero Sports 2009 3.2L. A great power and torque increase right throughout the rev range with the simple addition of our DPChip. Chip is on the standard setting of 5 and no other engine modifications were made to achieve these outstanding results.


Diesel Lack Power


It's a simple fact. Every factory standard diesel engine is running below peak tune and efficiency. All diesel engines a ‘detuned’ by the manufacturers. In mass production it simply isn't economical to tune each engine to its best. Every EFI diesel vehicle can benefit from a Diesel Power Chip. The DPChip can increase performance in any EFI diesel engine by up to 35%. Diesel vehicles, although more reliable and fuel efficient than petrol engines, are notoriously lacking in raw power. If it's a 4WD, a lack of power and torque can be more noticeable when towing or in off-road conditions. Trucks will notice a lack of power when fully laden or climbing a hill. For boats, heavy seas can make a lack of power more noticeable. If you've fitted larger wheels or tires you may feel some loss of power. The DPChip has the answer to all these problems.

How it works


The DPChip is designed to simply and safely modify the engines fuel injection parameters to increase performance. Once you've fitted a DPChip you'll begin to experience the true optimum performance of your engine. The DPChip digitally alters both fuel volume and fuel timing to optimize the entire engine map. Be wary of European imitations which only alter fuel volume without fuel timing simultaneously. These European systems are also not set up for Australia's conditions. Operating temperatures in cooler climates mean they are not set up correctly for use in Australia's hot conditions. Australian diesel is of a different quality to European diesel so please consider the benefits of a product like the DPChip which is set up specifically for Australian conditions. Unlike some other systems on the market, DPChip has been extensively tested in 'REAL WORLD' conditions, not just in a controlled environment such as a dyno room, and thanks to the help of the leading 4WD diesel experts in Australia the DPChip has the advantage as being truly tested tough! Our ongoing development program ensures we keep up to date with the latest engine management and injection systems.

To increase power in a diesel, an easy and cheap way out is just to increase fuel loads but this is very inefficient and while it will result in power increases they will not be clean increases (it often creates lots of smoke - unburnt fuel) and does not allow any possibility or improved fuel consumption. Basically a very inefficient and nasty way to tune a diesel. The DPChip changes both fuel and timing.

Let’s just first look at how CRD, like the D4D Prado, works. There are many areas of an injectors cycle but let’s point out the main ones.

  • Start of main injection (basically the timing point/start of combustion)
  • The volume of fuel volume which is influenced but not limited to the rail pressure
  • Closing point of injector which mainly influences emissions if it is varied.

The DPChip interfaces on CRD engines into an engine plug with signals that have the ability if manipulated correctly, to alter these points. It’s the secret ‘herbs and spices’ of the DPChip that many other simpler devices would love to know but that’s our intellectual property and we like to keep it that way so we can't discuss the technicalities in too much detail. We have had many manufactures test and try and work out how but can’t decipher the ‘code’…yet it works and leaves them wondering. What we can tell you is that that when the DPChip is interfaced, depending on certain Load and RPM, it can manipulate timing up to 4 degrees advanced (generally speaking) and fuel volume/pressure by up to 600PSI, depending on vehicle, in relation to RPM and Load. It can also have a small impact of a few degrees on closing points. Now in the BIG picture of 25,000PSI it’s not much…but…it doesn’t take much to alter fuel volume anyway.

Two simple methods we distance ourselves from are:

  • ‘just rail pressure’ increases which may raise rail pressure by 3,000 to 4,000PSI above standard to get reasonable fuel volume gains. These also plug into the same plug we do but don’t work like the DPChip does hence the pressure they get things to….ouch!
  • ‘injector plug in’ controllers (they are plugged into each injector) which can only just add additional ‘tail fuel’ by extending the opening time of the injector. These cannot alter timing (opening point).

In the end we offer warranties and support like no other because we now our product works and we back it with such support.


The DPChip is designed for quick and easy installation. Most DPChips are a simple plug&play installation using original adapter plugs. It is absolutely impossible to damage your vehicles electronics or ECU before, during or after installation because the DPChip is 'downstream' of the ECU and remains in a 'slave' position. Your existing engine computer remains in 'master' control of all engine operational safety features at all times. DPChip cannot make any changes until the ECU has told it everything is safe and 'good to go'. There is no way to short out or damage your ECU or electrical system during installation of a wire-in DPChip. We have designed the DPChip with engine safety as the primary concern at all times. It is simply impossible to damage something even if you connect up the wrong wires during a wire-in DPChip installation. All that would happen in that case is the DPChip will not function. Every DPChip comes with detailed illustrated fitting instructions so it can be easily self installed. Alternately, any auto electrician or one of our distributors could easily install the DPChip in around 10 - 40 minutes depending on vehicle type.

DPChip is compact and lightweight, the smallest being only 10cm across, the largest being 13.5cm. The DPChip is designed to be fitted easily and discreetly and most models come complete with matching or original plugs and an original style harness resulting in a true 'Plug&Play' device. One particular advantage the DPChip has is that it is installed 'downstream' of the ECU. This means that the electronic changes that it is making are downstream of the vehicles factory ECU, between the ECU and the injection pump in most instances. This helps prevent conflicts with the factory ECU signals. Most other tuning devices on the market are 'upstream' and interfere with the vehicles ECU often causing problems with engine warning lights coming on unexpectedly. With DPChip there are no such problems; your ECU handles all operational safety and warning systems as per normal. Generally a DPChip can be installed in around 30-60 minutes with the simplest being a matter of a few minutes. All are designed to be easily installed by people of average mechanical capability, or if you prefer, you can have it professionally installed at one of our distributors.

Adjustable Tuning

Your DPChip will come already pre-adjusted to suit your make and model of engine and no further adjustment is required. If however, you decide to enhance your vehicle further, perhaps by adding larger intercoolers, larger exhausts, larger tires etc. you can easily adjust the DPChip to match the new modification so the full potential can be reached. With fixed map boxes and chips this is not possible and a new chip or box would be required.

Adjustment is simple and allows you varying degrees of control over just how much power you want. The 2 Series DPChips use a small screw upon the body to optimize a number of parameters while the 3 Series DPChips have 10 pre-programmed power settings which the user can adjust for more power.

User Adjustable

The different settings are really more of a fine tuning and to account for slight variations between individual vehicles. If the vehicle is a factory standard vehicle then just leave it set on 5. If it is modified or you fit a larger intercooler or exhaust then you can adjust upwards to take advantage of this but there is really no need.

We flash the chip inside the module with the rotary dial set on 5. This is an arbitrary setting but if we flashed it with the dial set on 9 you could only adjust downwards. Each notch up or down from 5 moves the whole programming inside the chip up or down a few percent.

Instructions for adjustment come with the chip. Feel free to 'play' and find what is best for your style of driving and vehicle. We don't recommend going above 7 or 8 on a factory standard vehicle. You can't damage the vehicle at all. Each vehicle will be different, even if produced in the same factory on the same day. We have seen this with two of the same vehicles, one having a 'best' setting of 6 and the other 8. These were same month and year model of the same vehicle type.

The 3 Series DPChips also have adjustable tuning via USB connection. These are able to be 'laptop tuned'

laptoptuningBMW    DPChip-capture

This is a form of tune that can do considerably more than the manual adjustment. Once the DPChip is installed you can actually sit in the driver's seat and the DPChip can be re-programmed as you drive along. As well as overall power being able to be increased, the power band can be moved up or down the rev range depending on your requirements and the power delivered can be adjusted from smooth to aggressive. There is really no need for laptop tuning on a factory standard vehicle. This advanced tuning would only be required on a very heavily modified vehicle. The manual user adjustment provides more than enough tuning range.

The Result

An immediate increase in both torque and power is obvious when you first fit your DPChip. You will appreciate the improved throttle response and the increase in low and mid range torque. If you're towing a caravan or trailer or have some other heavy load you'll notice advantage the extra power provides. Overall drivability improves and with less need for gear changing your driving will be smoother and more efficient. This improved efficiency often results in fuel savings. In fact, in tests and trials we have performed, as well as reports from satisfied customers, benefits of approximately 10% better fuel economy have been achieved. This obviously varies from vehicle to vehicle and application. If you drive normally and you take full advantage of the power increase you'll realize the cost savings available through improved economy and performance. Around 1 to 2 liters per hundred better consumption can be achieved. You do the math!


The DPChip is the only EFI Diesel tuning module on the market today that comes with a Full 5 year warranty on the device itself. This is transferable with the customer to another vehicle. DPCHIP also comes with with New Vehicles engine and driveline warranty coverage. See below for more information.

Benefits of Owning a DPChip

  1. DPChip is an interactive computer which exploits the full potential of modern EFI diesel engines.
  2. Individual programming and re-mapping of the engine management system enables this simple to fit device to increase power by up to 25% and torque by up to 35%.
  3. DPChip alters fuel, timing and air characteristics to create smooth power gains.
  4. Accelerator, air mass and load, as well as other readings are accurately read by DPChip to calculate and deliver 'Real Time' alterations to the engine managements own signals with digital precision and speed.
  5. More power is delivered throughout the rev range with torque (pulling power) delivered lower down and lasting much longer throughout the rev range.
  6. DPChip can be further adjusted manually or via its onboard USB port to provide optimum performance for your particular needs. If you modify your engine with extras such as turbos, intercoolers, and exhausts DPChip can be safely adjusted to suit your driving needs.
  7. DPChip can provide up to 10% better fuel economy through more efficient and less gear changing.
  8. DPChip is installed downstream of the ECU leaving all error detection and operational safety systems intact. DPChip cannot harm the vehicles ECU.
  9. DPChip increases performance well within set tolerances thus protecting your engine.
  10. DPChip is transferable between vehicles. Each DPChip model covers a large range of applications. If you sell or change vehicles there is a good chance you can simply unplug DPChip and install it in your next EFI diesel. If not then it may only be a matter of a new program in the chip or new harness (fees apply).
  11. DPChip is brought to you by Australia's Original Diesel specialists in the industry since 1956.
  12. DPChip has the largest range of EFI diesel tuning modules in the World.
  13. DPChip comes with a class leading 5 year warranty.
  14. DPChip comes with 24hr/7day technical Hotline support so you have peace of mind wherever you are.

That's fifteen great benefits you'll get from fitting a DPChip to your vehicle. Whether it's a car, 4wd, light commercial, truck or boat you won’t believe the feeling of control and comfortable driving you get from the increased power of a DPChip. By now you've probably begun to realize what DPChip could do for your diesel so contact us or one of our distributors now to get the power you deserve from your diesel. We guarantee you more power, more torque and better efficiency.



Each DPCHIP comes with New Vehicle engine and driveline warranty coverage. We've been selling DPCHIP for around 10 years without even one problem. In fact it's impossible for the DPCHIP to cause a problem with your engine because of the way it has been engineered. DPCHIP always defaults to the factory safety system and never interferes with the factory safety systems.


Don't be concerned if your dealer claims they will 'Void' your new car warranty if you fit a DPCHIP. In fact what they are doing is illegal and you should politely point this out to them.


Please see below a basic discussion on Philippine laws on warranty and how the same applies to you:


A. Warranties under Philippine Law


The Civil Code of the Philippines (“Code”) governs all contracts of sale with conditions and warranties.


The Code provides:

 “The vendor shall be responsible for warranty against the hidden defects which the thing sold may have, should they render it unfit for the use for which it is intended, or should they diminish its fitness for such use to such an extent that, had the vendee been aware thereof, he would not have acquired it or would have given a lower price for it”.


In the sale of goods, there is an implied warranty that the goods shall be reasonably fit for the purpose for which they are intended.  Furthermore, any express warranty given by a seller or manufacturer is a guarantee from the seller/manufacturer that specifies the extent of the warranty of the product and states the conditions under which the product can be returned, replaced, or repaired.


In addition to the Code, the Consumer Act of the Philippines (“Consumer Act”) shall govern the sale of consumer products with warranties. The Consumer Act provides that a warranty may be designated as a Full Warranty or a Limited Warranty.  A Full Warranty must comply with the following minimum requirements:


1. There should be a remedy or relief offered to the consumer within a reasonable time and without charge in case of a defect, malfunction or failure to conform to a written warranty; and


2. The warranty should permit the consumer to elect whether to request for a refund or replacement without charge of such product or part, as the case may be, where after a reasonable number of attempts to remedy the defect or malfunction, the product continues to have the defect or the malfunction.


 A warranty that does not comply with the abovementioned minimum requirements is designated as a Limited Warranty. Any written warranty must clearly designate whether it is a Full Warranty or a Limited Warranty.


B. New Vehicle Limited Warranties


Motor Vehicle Dealers (“Dealers”) offer a Limited Warranty to repair or replace (at their option) any part of the vehicle that is defective in material or workmanship under normal use, except for specific items, or in specific instances not covered by the warranty.


A review of various New Vehicle Limited Warranties from local dealers have shown that the following are excluded from warranty coverage:


1. Repairs and adjustments required as a result of misuse (i.e. racing, overloading, over-revving, or similar improper usage), negligence, modification, alteration, tampering, disconnection, improper adjustment and accidents.


2. Repairs by an unauthorized dealer or personnel, use of add-on parts/materials not supplied by the authorized dealer and use of non-genuine/fake parts.


C. Berrima Modification

The modification or servicing of a vehicle by Berrima Diesel may not be considered valid grounds for a dealer to arbitrarily void the warranty.


The Consumer Act provides:

“The warrantor will not be required to perform the above duties if he can show that the defect, malfunction, or failure to conform to a written warranty was caused by damage due to unreasonable use thereof.”


A dealer shall be bound to honor the Limited Warranty unless it can show that the defect or malfunction was due to the alteration, modification, or service (unreasonable use) performed on the vehicle.


 The Consumer Act prohibits:


“Refusal without any valid legal cause by the total manufacturer or any person obligated under the warranty or guarantee to honor a warranty or guarantee issued.”


D. Enforcement


The Department of Trade and Industry (“DTI”) is the implementing agency enforcing the provisions of the Consumer Act on consumer product and service warranties.


In the event that a dealer unreasonably refuses to honor the terms of its New Vehicle Limited Warranty, a complaint may be filed with the DTI.  Complaints filed by consumers will be submitted to a Consumer Arbitration Officer which has exclusive jurisdiction to adjudicate all cases filed under the Consumer Act.


Note: A “Consumer” is defined as a natural person who is a purchaser, lessee, recipient or prospective purchaser, lessor or recipient of consumer products, services or credit.