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Our Clients’ Results

The following pages show some of the results we have achieved here in the Philippines. Our clients include offroaders, industry and trade, specialized companies such as those that armour vehicles, truck and bus companies and all those who have diesel vehicles requiring more power and performance.

Your diesel DOESN’T have to smoke and CAN have power...
We Guarantee it!

Here you can see the results of our specialist trouble shooting and tuning work on a vehicle that was pulled over initially for smoke pollution (a common problem with poorly tuned diesels). Initial readings were above 6! After our hands-on tuning the vehicle achieved a reading of only .92! The tester could not believe the reading and used 3 different machines to check as they believed their machine was faulty, after all this vehicle had tested higher than 6 that same morning and now in the afternoon was testing .92...impossible! They were amazed at the quick results and the official tester commented that the final result was “Better than a new vehicle!”


Nissan Safari

This Nissan Safari attended our workshop with the customer complaining that the engine has low power and blows too much smoke. Upon inspection we found that the primary fuel filter had been by-passed and that there was some general wear and tear on the engine and the engine idle was irregular. We also found extremely contaminated fuel residue in the fuel filters as well as a dirty air filter containing lots of debris


We replaced the filters as well as performed our specialized fine tuning and fuel injection work. The results speak for themselves with around 40% improvement in power. As well as the massive power increase we achieved much cleaner running of the vehicle with reduced emissions and reduced fuel being used.